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Oriya Organics Superfood Review

First and foremost, I want to say how excited I am that you are all so supportive of this blog and my story. I love how much you are interested in health and wellness and I'm truly so grateful for each email, comment and compliment I've received.

Today,  I am honored to give you a review of two slightly new products on the market I was fortunate enough to be able to try out to review.

I get a great deal of questions from readers asking for recommendations on protein powders and superfood powders. So, I wanted to specifically review these type of products to show you my opinion of certain products that truly offer convenient, affordable and quality products. Plus, who doesn't love sampling these fabulous foods?  Anything I review will not have sugar, gluten, dairy, soy or most any known allergens. This makes them safe for everyone!:)  For future reference, I am developing an official Soulful Spoon Approved Products page where every product review will be located for your ease of use and reference. 

I was not paid or endorsed to say of any of this, nor was I asked to give a positive review. The following opinions are all my own!:)

Today's review is from an OUTSTANDING company that offers a truly brilliantly simple, but powerful product.
Oriya Organics is a company you may or may not have heard of, but my hope is after today, you will definitely appreciate this company for their efforts in delivering ASTOUNDING health products in terms of taste, nutrition quality, cost and sustainability.
Oriya Organics produces some of the best top-quality superfood products on the market.

Located in Texas, Oriya Organics strives to produce truly perfect products in my opinion.  Read about them here. 

 I reached out to them after reading about them through a blog, asking to sample their products so I could review them to you.  I believe in promoting foods and products to you that are truly the definition of healthy. 

When our bodies receive the right amount of nutrition, everything just works and feels better. You have better energy, are able to do more physically, have a better mood, stress and sleep are managed better, and your digestion is perfect and effortless.
Oriya Organics produces foods that will help you reach these goals. 

I was sent their two Superfood  products, including the SuperGreen Medley and the Superfood Protein Medley. I couldn't believe this awesome company was kind enough to send me FULL SIZE products, PLUS a bottle to put my smoothies in! SO generous!:)

So, how good are these products and why should you use them?

These products were some of the best I've found on the market for the following reasons:

1. They are as pure as you can get- NOTHING extra is added, not even a sweetener. NOTHING. Some would find this to taste bland, but I actually like that they are neutral in taste and contain nothing added. This leave a opportunity for you to flavor it however you want. I love chocolate flavored stuff like the rest of you do, but sometimes, if I want another flavor of a smoothie, it would be nice to have an option where I have a neutral powder that I can flavor however I want. Am I right?

2. Also, I love that these products are USDA certified organic. Most protein powders and superfood powders lack this. Some may say they use organic ingredients, but very rarely will you see the seal of approval on them. I was quite impressed with this. 

3. I also love that these powders are 100% raw. No heat has been applied whatsoever to destroy precious plant nutrients.

4. The last reason is the best reason I love these- they are 100% vegan! No animals harmed and that means I'm not ingesting any animal byproducts from vicious slaughtering. Win-win::)

So what are the products made of?

Glad you asked!

The SuperGreen Medley is a blend of four of the most precious greens on Earth. Spirulina, Chorella, Wheat Grass and Barley Grass. All 100% gluten-free, raw and organic! PURE magic. The package contains 28 servings and is comparable to other superfood products on the market in price, and is actually less than many.
LOOK AT THESE NUTRITIONAL STATS! 100% of Your Vitamin C requirements,  plus 70% Vitamin B12 ,190% of your Vitamin A requirements, and 4 grams of protein in one little scoop!! Who says we can't get protein and vitamins from plants after seeing this??

So what is Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass and Barley Grass? 

Let's talk about some SERIOUS SUPERFOODS!

These 4 foods are whole, living foods. Spirulina and Chlorella are sea algaes that are two of the most powerful foods on EARTH.

DID YOU KNOW? Spirulina contains over 833% of your daily Vitamin A requirements in 1 tsp.??? It also has 80% of your B12 requirements in 1 tsp. along with 20 % daily iron intake. It may smell funny, but when blended in a smoothie with some stevia added, you don't even taste it. It is wonderful for relieving inflammation, fatigue, low thyroid, and overall acidity in the body. It is also highly detoxifying and is great for your skin, hair and nails. It promotes healthy growth for cells and tissues, and also prevents low blood sugar.

Chlorella is much like Spirulina in many ways nutritionally. Chorella is actually a fantastic source of protein as it has 4 grams per tbsp. Both of these types of algae are two potent living foods that will change the way you feel. I highly recommend them and again- don't let the taste or color scare you. Just blend them in a smoothie with some stevia to add them in. You will love the way you feel with these foods.

Wheat and Barley Grass ( gluten-free), are two very alkalizing grasses that are some of the most powerful blood cleansers on the planet. They are known to detox the body from heavy metals, and nourish cells on a deep level.

From the Oriya Organics Website, here is how you can use this superfood powder:

Suggested UsesBenefitsCERTIFICATIONS
Smoothies and Protein ShakesEssential Vitamins and MineralsGMORAWUSDAVEGAN
JuiceChlorophyll and Live Enzymes
Salad DressingsDietary Fiber and Protein
BakingB Vitamins
Cleansing ProgramsAntioxidants and Phytonutrients
Energy ShotsEnergy and Well-Being

I LOVE this superfood powder which you can read more about here. DEFINITELY going to keep using this in my routine. It is so powerful for one small serving.

Now, onto the Superfood Protein Medley!

Just look at these ingredients: Sprouted Chia Seeds, Spirulina, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Hemp Protein and Chlorella!! CRAZY GOODNESS! All Gluten Free and GMO Free, PLUS it is raw and organic! That is amazing!

So what about the nutritional stats?

FANTASTIC: Check this out:
First of all, for those concerned about calories, this product is great because it is around 100 calories per serving, which is what most protein powders offer.  It also has 24 servings in the container, which is what many other protein powders on the market have.

Secondly, this product has NOTHING added. Look at the ingredients. The 3 grams of fiber, 18 grams of protein, and nutrient composition ALL come from the whole foods in this product. I just love that! These foods are also sprouted, which makes their enzyme content higher. This creates easier digestion, and absorption of nutrients found in these foods.

Now, how do these fantastic superfood medley products taste?

Like I said, I LOVE that they have no flavors added, because then I get to use them however I want in recipes. SO versatile. Alone they taste neutral- not bland, but very earthy. I highly recommend using them in a smoothie, like any of the ones that I have posted on this blog.

And...a note on smoothies..I am conducting a smoothie series in March you don't want to miss, and I will definitely be using the Oriya Organics products so stay tuned. Check out my smoothies page to get my favorite smoothies that I've made so far!:)

Have you ever tried Oriya Organics products? If so, comment below! If you would like to buy Oriya Organics, click here.  They also have a fabulous recipe website here. 


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