Healthy eating is mandatory for your body. A healthy diet and lifestyle are the most effective weapons to fight against diseases, and this involves making healthy choices to benefit your overall health. The obesity epidemic at present is reaching alarming proportions in America due to the large portion sizes of American meals. America is known for fat and calorie-laden food items that make Americans gain weight at the rate of 1-3 pounds annually.

But American meals need not be unhealthy if we include foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts lean meat and dairy products. The basic ingredients of American cuisine are essentially healthy so if the staples are cooked right, we can certainly eat healthy too


  • Corn: Corn along with being a good source of fiber also contains many health supportive oxidants. Though corn comes in various varieties like white, yellow, purple, blue or red corn so the antioxidant benefits come from the different phytonutrient combinations.  Corn supports the growth of friendly bacteria that has the ability to nourish our digestive tract along with supplying energy to the intestinal cells thus lowering the risk of cancer.
  • Peanuts: are used quite extensively in the US whether in snacks or in sandwiches as peanut butter. Though peanuts are high in calorie content but they are more filling then other food items and also help in boosting your metabolic rate.

Fresh Collard Greens: Collard greens used in American cuisines have the ability of lowering cholesterol levels effectively. They are healthier than Kale, broccoli, mustard greens, sprouts and cabbage and are a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E and have many disease fighting plant chemicals that help to keep cancer and other chronic conditions at bay besides lowering the stress level in our bodies.

  • Burgers:American burgers have always been supersized with cheese, mayo and other fattening ingredients, but lately there are healthy options and alternatives to the traditional burgers. Burgers made with a filling of Ahi tuna, salmon, chicken and veggies are both healthy and tasty at the same time. Salmon burger and veggie burger are a good source of lean protein along with vitamins, minerals and healthy fat.


  • Roasted Turkey: Turkey always associated with American cuisine is an excellent source of lean protein. It is also rich in selenium and zinc which are immune boosting minerals. Turkey is rich in Vitamin B6 but at the same time it is low in calories and fat.
  • Bone broth: is a healthynew hot beverage supported by nutritionists made with chicken necks, beef knuckles, oxtails and made with vegetables and herbs. This is supposed to be a miraculous drink healing your gut syndrome along with healing other food intolerances.

American cuisine can be definitely healthy if we eat light keeping the portion sizes in check. Instead of gulping down burgers and fries with large calorie laden coke or drinks, eat homemade healthy food in the company of family and friends. You could even choose a healthy dining restaurant to eat a healthy meal comprising of veggies including turnip greens, Waldorf salads, turkey sandwich and soup and toast it all with a glass of California Chardonnay.

Hi there! It is said to be believed that good things comes up in small bundles. These solid dinners are ideal for popping into little mouths or grabbing with minor fingers. Your children will get a kick out of these nibble measured dinners and snacks.

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