The old age saying “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper” holds good even today and is the best way to stay healthy and lose weight. Recent studies show that modern lifestyles have seen people dine late or at irregular intervals which confuse the body’s metabolism along with hindering digestion. Metabolic processes like appetite, digestion, cholesterol, glucose level and metabolism of fat all follow a circadian pattern.


Eat Breakfast like a king:  Breakfast being the first meal of the dayis where an individual breaks a fast of eight to twelve hours. This first meal tops up the glucose levels of the body as glucose is vital for the brain and a main source of energy. The muscles are fueled up and get ready for physical activity throughout the day. Recent researches show that people who eat a heavy breakfast experience greater weight loss and improve the blood sugar levels even though the calorie count remains the same. By skipping breakfast or having a light one shortens attention span, lowers the blood sugar level and decreases productivity. Start your breakfast with fresh fruit juices followed by muesli or porridge topped with nuts and fruits.

Eat Lunch like a Prince:  A substantial lunch, but not too heavy like breakfast should be eaten at lunch time to keep you going in the afternoon. Lunch should consist of green leafy vegetables with lean meat or chicken to keep the calorie count in check.


Eat dinner like a Pauper:  While we need maximum energy at the beginning of the day, the end of the day is when all the daily tasks are over and the least energy is required. So a considerably light meal at dinnertime is advisable. Eating more calories for dinner is associated with obesity so a secret to combat obesity is to keep the calorie count down at dinnertime. An early dinner also keeps you healthy and your metabolism working well as your food gets digested easily if you tend to eat before 8 pm. A light dinner also ensures that we get sufficient energy to see you through the night. Sleep disruptions are possible if your stomach is working to process food. Dinner should be soup, salads or boiled or grilled chicken or fresh vegetables.


Conclusion:  Scientists claim that when you eat is more important than what you eat, as irregular eating or skipping meals or eating out most of the time will lead to a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. A good protein intake at each meal will give a feeling of fullness between meals. Avoid eating once dinner is over. The worst thing you can do is munching between meals due to laziness or boredom. We should make sure to have a well-balanced diet to meet your daily nutrients like fiber rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Drinking lots of water, lemon tea, fluids or weak coffee are necessary to make sure your brain and muscles can function properly.

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