These days, young couples are not interesting in throwing a traditional wedding as before. Instead of organizing a traditional seated wedding, happy couples are now opting for a cocktail party reception. The main benefit of organizing a cocktail wedding it that this type of wedding is more affordable than traditional receptions. If you are not sure whether or not you should opt for a cocktail reception, read on to learn why this is the best choice. If you are looking for a reliable wedding reception provider, cocktail venue – all smiles can come to your aid.

What is a Cocktail Wedding?

The best way to describe this type of wedding reception is to explain it as a very glamorous and chic full dinner. The dress code is more casual, but still remains elegant. When it comes to food, you shouldn’t have a full course dinner, than something like a very rich appetizer. All these appetizers should go well with your drinks, and of course, cocktails. A cocktail wedding party is very stylish and it can look very similar to events seen such as in the popular TV series “Mad Man”. Actually, this show has contributed to the renewed interest in this form of wedding receptions.

So, as we mentioned, rather than organizing a full seated dinner, you should offer heavy appetizers and drinks. This should be followed by a wedding cake. These weddings are best to be small so you can retain its elegance and feeling of elitism. Dancing is allowed, but if you are throwing a very small wedding, some background music that will add to the atmosphere will be sufficient. Since you won’t have a full dinner, these receptions are always shorter. They are perfect if you don’t have a big budget and need to cut in some wedding expenses.  Since the food is the most expensive art of every wedding, this option is perfect for you.

To throw a perfect wedding party, organize the event in the evening. It would be best if you could hold the wedding ceremony at 7pm. Make sure you indicate on the wedding invitation that your guests are attending a cocktail reception. You can also write “hors d’oeuvres to follow”, so people know to eat dinner before the wedding.

Cost Effectiveness of Cocktail Weddings

As we said, cocktail wedding are a lot less expensive than regular marriage receptions. The savings on the catering are significant because you are essentially hosting just a cocktail hour with appetizers. You won’t serve appetizers followed by an entire dinner. Since these receptions last shorter than standard weddings, the cost of renting the venue can also be reduced, as well as the fees of photographers, videographers, musicians and similar if they have an hourly fee. You can even save on the decoration because these type of weddings require less lush and luxurious décor. Lastly, you an even save on your wedding gown, because cocktail weddings typically look better in casual elegant clothing. So, getting a chic knee length or tea length wedding dress would be just perfect. A short white lace dress with some pearl earrings and necklace would also be perfect. Add some fabulous shoes and you are ready to go.

Sara Peterson

Originally from Chicago. I love playing tennis and loud music.