The history of American cuisine can be dated back to the history of the European colonization of America with the introduction of a large number of ingredients and cooking styles. These styles kept expanding over the centuries with new cooking methods being introduced to actually form the basis of American cuisine. In the beginning of the 20th century food production and presentation became industrialized with the emergence of restaurant chains with standardized décor and menus.


Modern Cuisine:  A new approach to food was brought about with the help of nutritionists who gave a scientific approach to food. A main characteristic of American cuisine is the fusion of multiple ethnic and regional styles of cooking. Spaghetti and pizzas are Italian while hot dogs and burgers are German along with Asian cooking all play a diverse role in American cuisine. Typically American chefs over the years have altered dishes originated in other countries to an extent to be now called American. Many companies in the food industry of America has developed new products like frozen food items that have become very popular as it needs minimal cooking time.

Mid Atlantic American Cuisine:New York being the most populous city and capital of the United States boasts of a cuisine that is international in nature due to the cultural diversity present there like the British, Italian, Jewish, Dutch and German. Some of the most exclusive and finest restaurants are found here serving exotic dishes like Waldorf salads, Lobster Newberg, New York steak and vichyssoise eggs benedict. Coleslaw and the doughnut originated as a Dutch dish but are today very popular in the US. Winters see roasted chestnuts, Christmas cookies and cakes, gingerbreads and sugar cookies as part of the traditional Christmas meal. Presently club sandwiches, Buffalo wings, Philadelphia cheesesteak, snapper soup, Smith island cake and milkshakes are all served as the typical Mid Atlantic American cuisine.


Pacific and Hawaiian Cuisine: Hawaii considered as a culturally diverse state in US with a majority of Asian population, borrows its cuisine from the Asian and Pacific cultures. The concept of raw fish with rice was brought from Japan while spicy garlic marinades of meat and kimchi from Korea and lemongrass and fish sauce from Vietnam. Seafood is caught fresh in Hawaii and cooked in particular delicacies.  Tropical fruits play an important role in the cuisine as a flavoring and toppings in cocktails and desserts.

Cuisine of the Midwest:  The Midwest area comprising of the Great Lakes and the Great Plains are distinguished by the cuisine that covers everything from barbeque to the Chicago style hot dogs and steaks. Pawpaw and the American persimmons are the favored fruits of this region and a main ingredient of the persimmon pudding topped with crème anglaise, which is a favorite of the people residing here.

South American Cuisine:  Mutton and pork being a common choice in the south where the custom is to roast the carcass of an entire bull or pig over coals for hours before being consumed. Pork is used to prepare sandwiches and sausages.

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