Salads and fruits are beneficial for your health and to an extent do contribute to a weight loss plan but you should ensure that they do not make up an entire meal. You might lose weight if you eat fruits and salads at every meal as they do provide the necessary potassium but at the same time you are depriving yourself of essential nutrients required to feel and look energetic. But consulting a professional dietician is mandatory if one has to go ahead with restrictive weight loss diets constituting just salads and fruits. In fact there are other healthier ways to lose weight and it would be advisable to follow a diet that is healthy in the long run.


Advantages of eating Salads and Fruits:  Though salads and fruits should not make up a whole meal, they are still a great source of essential nutrients like Vitamin C that is excellent for your hair and skin and acts like an antioxidant protecting your body from damage. Salads and fruits are full of fiber that gives a feeling of fullness after meals and also helps to keep your system healthy by avoiding constipation. The beneficial potassium, a red-orange pigment that is a heart healthy mineral contained in fruits and salads helps in the production of Vitamin A for your body. Kale and red peppers provide you with your daily requirement of Vitamin A and C while an orange a day will provide your body with fiber and potassium.

Fruits & Salads do not contain enough Protein:  Protein is very necessary for your body as it provides amino acids to maintain healthy tissues, transport oxygen though the blood along with boosting your immune system. Fruits and leafy vegetables are low in proteins so make your body deficient in proteins. But increasing the uptake of proteins in your diet on the other hand can help to regulate blood sugar and also help in losing weight. So you will miss out on the benefits of weight loss with a high protein diet by eating only salads and fruits.


Deficiency due lack of Nutrients in Salads and Fruits:  A diet constituting of only fruits and salads will make you deficient in many nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D and B-12, zinc and calcium. These deficiencies can have a very adverse effect on your health as low calcium intake can result in osteoporosis whereas a low intake of Omega-3 can result in low motivation and depression.


Lose Weight the healthy way:  For greater health benefits a combination of salads, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins is the best option when it comes to losing weight. You can have a topping of fruits over oats or cornflakes or try having kale salad with brown rice or grilled salmon for better results.

Thus salads and fruits are beneficial for people on a diet provided they are consumed with lean proteins and healthy fats. Grilled chicken, low fat tofu, beans and chickpeas with a little quantity of nuts can provide the necessary proteins, fiber and fats in your diet.

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