Preparing and setting dinner on the table day in and day out can be both boring and exhausting. Is it really possible to enjoy and at the same time get energized with daily home cooking? Once you organize yourself and plan your meals ahead you definitely save time and money and of course your sanity too.

Meal Planning:  Meal planning refers to planning your meals whether breakfast, lunch or dinner in advance by organizing what to cook along with the recipes. It also includes shopping for groceries, be it on a daily basis from the farmers’ market or on a weekly basis and stacking it up for the whole week. Meal planning is a very personal choice and if taken positively can be quite enjoyable and time saving. Some people plan for a month in advance by keeping neatly labeled packets of soups, stews or other dishes.


 Healthy Food Meal Plan:  Healthy meal plans are loaded with lots of green and colorful vegetables and whole grains from creamy stroganoff to tasty brownies with your favorite flavors and taste using minimum amount of sugar and oils. You could be a strict vegan or a total non-vegetarian, meal plans always satisfy and delight. Start your day with whole grain cereals, wholesome smoothies followed by fiber filled rich nutrient meals like Lentils, Cauliflower Soups or Vegetable Enchiladas for lunch or dinner. Adding some variety to your meals from burgers to noodles or even stuffed peppers, are sure to make your day. Even whole grains from millets, brown rice or whole wheat can be healthy for you. A sensible plan helps you to use your leftovers in an effective manner. You can take comfort in the fact that your refrigerator is full of healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners not to forget snacks too.

Weekly Shopping for Groceries:  Make a shopping list and keep one day in a week to go shopping for ingredients you have already planned.  Shop with a definite purpose of buying all that is required for all three meals for a week. It could be vegetables and lettuce for salads or eggs, chicken or fish that you would like to prepare for dinner in any special way. At times you could even check out what is on sale and change your plan accordingly. Make sure that you do not overstuff your refrigerator but keep your fridge airy and light as things kept at the back tend to be forgotten. But your pantry with olive oil, spices, herbs etc should be well stocked at all times.


Download a healthy Meal Plan:  In case you are not being able to make an effective weekly meal plan, it is very easy to just download one and make a few adjustments according to your personal choice. These five day meal plans run from Monday to Friday keeping your weekends free for outings with friends. Everything from seasonal fruits to leafy vegetables to whole wheat grains are included in such meal plans to make them healthy and wholesome.

Here’s to Happy Cooking!

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