Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Go Meatless on Monday- Edition #1

Hi Friends!

Happy Monday to all you lovely people out there:)

Since today is my first post showcasing Meatless Monday, I thought it might be helpful to show you a few ways to do that. I intended on making a recipe for you but we're having some slight difficulties with our gas stove at the moment. Better luck for next week!

Let's chat about some of my favorite ways to go meatless every day of the week- not just on Mondays. I don't eat any animal products and truly- never miss them or think twice about not having them each day.

It's truly pretty simple to go vegan any day of the week but Mondays are a great time to do that since they're the start of the week when you're less stressed and more apt to try something new. It's also likely that you'll be more motivated on Mondays versus later on in the week when you're tired and just ready to revert to routine.

First though, why meatless anyway? Check this out information from the Meatless Monday website:

  • To produce 1 pound of beef, it takes the equivalent of 60 showers!!! Imagine how many pounds a typical family eats each week and consider the water that could be saved. Not only in water expenses, but also water supplies for those who don't have adequate amounts. 
  • To produce 1 pound of meat, it takes 20 loaves of bread! Those grains could instead be used to feed hungry people and there would likely be less of a demand for such genetically modified grains. Most cattle and chickens are fed GMO grain because it's cheap and easier to produce- those grains aren't being used to feed people like producers claim. They're actually just being used for factory farm feed. 
  • To produce 1 pound of beef, it takes as much energy as 256 100-watt light bulbs per hour! Imagine that kind of electric bill-yikes!
  • To produce 1 pound of beef, it takes the equivalent fuel of driving a car 32 miles. It's been said that if every person skipped meat on Mondays every week of the year, it would be the same savings as driving a hybrid car for 10 years!

Try out some of these tasty ways I found this week and also check out some of my own ideas:

1. Skip the bacon, eggs, and dairy yogurt. Instead, have oatmeal, quinoa, or my special Vega cereal for breakfast!

Top it with a creamy mashed banana and some almond milk. Yum!

Or you could have a delicious acai bowl made with Sambazon acai puree- one of my favorite quick options when I'm lazy or in a rush.

2. For lunch, have any of these 15 delicious vegan lunch ideas from Angela at Oh She Glows. (My favorites are #1, 5 and 10.)- Who could miss the animal products with these recipes? Delish, I say!

3. For snacks, grab easy options like apples (green are my fave), bananas ( I have at least 2 a day), oranges, grapes, carrots, grapes, and red bell pepper strips. These all have a nice sweet taste and a yummy texture. They're also very inexpensive compared to processed snacks and they contain water, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep you full.

Meatless Meatballs

4. For dinner, try having a vegan version of meatballs, a huge salad with roasted sweet potatoes and avocado with a side of grilled corn on the cob,  or perhaps have some vegan stir-fry.

My favorite dinner these days are monstrous size meal smoothies. I make a whole blender's worth, freeze for a couple hours and eat for dinner. So cooling before bed when I tend to get hot. This is also fairly light on my stomach so it's easier for me to sleep. In the winter I go for soups and stews but summer is all about the smoothies:)

For more reasons and ways to go meatless, check out the Meatless Mondays website. 

Have you ever gone meatless on Mondays? What's your favorite vegan meal? PB and J totally counts so anything goes!:)